Category "Junior"


Grand Prix                     medal and diploma                                                                

( the highest ranked competitor -  minimum 98/100)

I  Prize                           (95/100) diploma

II Prize                           (90/100) diploma

III Prize                          (85/100) diploma

Honorary mention        (80/100) diploma

Category "Young Artist"


I   Prize                             500 USD   + medal + diploma

II  Prize                             200 USD   + medal + diploma

III Prize                             100 USD   + medal + diploma

Honorable mentions       diploma

Category "Professional"


I  Prize                               2000 USD * + medal+diploma+

• advance to  the Final Round of Osaka International Music Competition

• possible invitations for other recitals in USA, Poland, Russia, etc.

II  Prize                              700USD  + medal+diploma

III Prize                              500 USD  + medal+diploma

Honorable mentions       diploma

* Winner has to provide either ITIN or SSN number

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