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The festival in Kurozweki

The festival in Kurozweki is much more than masterclass. An exclusive and diversified summer festival with intense artistic work and numerous concerts. All pianists will receive 3 lessons ,one with each professor from our international faculty, and can perform at least in one student recital. For participants there is ample practice possibility provided. All students will be presented at the XIV Century Ballroom Hall in Kurozweki.There will be many attractions provided like castle sightseeing with private guide, mini zoo, American bison encounters, horseback riding and many others. You can see


Kurozwęki, at its height a small town of some importance, was first mentioned in 1246 as a village in the possession of the Duchy of Kraków. It was then that a certain count de Kurozwansch first appears in a document issued by Bolesław the Chaste, Duke of Sandomierz and Kraków. The village was then a fief of the Poraj family, a family which is said to have originated in Bohemia and arrived in Poland with St. Wojciech (also known as St. Adalbert), the future martyr and patron saint of Poland


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