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Chopin festival in Busko is considered the most prestigious piano festival in Holy Cross voivodeship. It was founded by eminent Polish pianist Barbara Hesse-Bukowska. Since 2014 the new artistic director of festival has become dr. Krystian Tkaczewski after last will request of the founder. Since then festival has changed its formula and is designed to promote the most important piano talents around the world. As a rule, the festival promotes exclusively laureates of international piano competitions. Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski created the program “World Piano Talents.”  At which young piano adepts can perform together with the stars. Moreover, they have an opportunity to work with famous pianists as: Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski, prof. Albert Mamriev and prof. Stephan Moeller. In the previous editions we hosted such pianists as: Krystian Tkaczewski, Ben Schoeman (RSA), Stephan Moeller (Austria),  Mao Fujita (Japan), Umi Garrett (USA),  Park Jae Hong (Korea). We also presented young prodigies as: Harmony Zhu, Elliot Wuu, Henry Tang, Shaun Hern Lee, Mayuki Miyashita, Shio Okui , Momoka Chiba and many others. All concerts take place in the concert hall of Sanatorium Marconi and are hosted by Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski.

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